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Protection and Rescue Day

floods rescue training day ii 6

Natural disasters are recognised as a global problem which is on increase during last decades and which causes large human and economic losses.
Floods are one of the most common natural disasters in the region and damages they cause are estimated to billions of euros. All these factors largely affects economies and flood prevention and protection are important issues in each country.
Having in mind that natural disasters are a growing problem, as well, the Montenegrin Government declared 1 March as a Protection and Rescue Day.
International Civil Defence Organisation (ICDO) declared 1 March as a World Civil Defence Day as a memorial to the Constitution of this Organization, which was declared in 1972, and having for its goals the following:

 raising awareness about importance of civil protection; raising awareness about measures of prevention and protection in case of natural disasters; and giving tributes to victims, efforts and achievements of national agencies to fight disasters. This date has been marked since 1990.
In the area of protection and rescue, FORS Montenegro is currently implementing a project "Cross-border Flood Protection and Rescue"with the aim to educate citizens and improve floods prevention and protection measurement. The project is being implemented in cooperation with the Directorate of Emergency Management of the Ministry of Interior of Montenegro and Sector of Emergency Management of the Ministry of Interior of the Republic of Serbia. The aim of the project is to contribute to decreasing risk of natural disasters. Through numerous project activities, with a special attention to young people, the relevant information about floods have been presented, as well as prevention methods and activities which should be undertaken in case of floods. Also, organisation of trainings for rescuers and procurement of valuable equipment for the Directorate for the Emergency Management, contributed to the improvement of work of the institutions and services in charge of protection and rescue.
Total amount of the project is 206,375.18 euros, out of which the European Union finances 175,418.9 euros. The project is co-funded by the Commission for the allocation of a portion of lottery income of the Government of Montenegro, in the amount of 9,060 euros.
On this occasion, we remind you on system of protection and rescue in Montenegro, through brochure which was prepared within project "Cross-border Flood Protection and Rescue".

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