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Cervical Cancer Prevention Week 19-25 January 2014

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Within the project "Preventive Actions in the Reproductive Health Sector – PARHS", FORS Montenegro marks, for the second time in a row, "Cervical Cancer Prevention Week" with a number of activities, which will be organized from the 19th to 25th of January. Cervical cancer is the second most common malignant disease among women. About half a million of women are diagnosed with this disease each year. Across Europe, 60.000 women are diagnosed with cervical cancer, about 30.000 die, and about 225.000 women live with this disease, no matter if they were treated or not. Cervical cancer is linked to the human papilloma virus, and it is curable if detected in the early stage, so that special attention is paid to prevention. The risk factors include: smoking, poor socio-economic conditions, genetics, early sexual relations.



 So, in order to pay attention to this disease, as well as to raise awareness and knowledge about the symptoms, prevention and treatment of this malignant disease, European Association for Cervical Cancer initiated events which are organized at the end of January each year across Europe.

On this occassion, aiming to inform about the importance of prevention and regular examinations, the promotional material will be distributed at the main squares in Berane and Pljevlja, where the women will have the opportunity to get information informed about the main issues related to this disease, as well as to have to preventive examination in Health centers in these towns. Apart of that,a cultural event will be organized in Niksic on 24.01.2014. at 7 p.m., in the hall of Cultural Association "Zahumlje", in cooperation with the Musical School "Dara Cokorilo" from Nikšic and Cultural Association "Zahumlje". Also, several of TV and radio shows will be organized, so citizens will have opportunity to hear relevant information regarding this subject, which will be given by experts.
The project "The Preventive Actions in the Reproductive Health Sector – PARHS" is being implemented within the Cross-border Cooperation Programme Serbia - Montenegro. Its value is € 230,800, of which 85% is financed by the European Union, and 15% is financed by the Ministry of Health. During the project, awereness of women about this problem, causes, prevention and treatment in the cross-border region of Montenegro and Serbia was raised through media campaign, lectures given by doctors specialists in state institutions, distribution of promotional material with all information needed regarding this disease, and through organized screaning. The level of services in Health centers, which were included in the project, was also improved through this project, by procurement of equipment and training of staff.

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