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The Environmental Protection Day – 5th June


The Environmental Protection Day – 5th June, is a global event which is marked all over the world through various ecological activities and campaigns such as: hiking, trees planting, cycling, art exhibitions, festivals, school competitions, dump sites cleaning as well as campaigns with the environmental subjects. All mentioned events are opportunity for motivating individuals, organizations and enterprises to take all necessary steps regarding environmental protection in their homes, schools, working places, by adopting ways of life which are in line with the nature, in order to provide cleaner and greener future for themselves and all future generations.
The Environmental Protection Day was officially announced by the United Nation General Assembly in 1972, at the Environmental Conference which was held in Stockholm.

 The United Nations marks the Environmental Protection Day this year with the slogan "Raise your voice, Not the sea level", in order to support UN action, which announced 2014 as a year of development of small island states, because there is a prediction that many small islands will disapear and be covered by oceans and seas.
FORS Montenegro, as an organisation which deals with environmental protection issues, as its contribution to this significant date, organizes lectures for the elementary schools students with the subject regarding selective waste disposal and recycling, as wel as preparation of literary works with the subject "Preserving our planet, we will preserve our home". The mentioned activities are realized within the project "CLEAN – Citizens Learning Environmental Actions Needed", financed by the European Union, within the Cross-border Programme Serbia-Montenegro.

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