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FORS Montenegro - Foundation for the Development of Northern Montenegro

Site Visit - EU Project

During the months of May and June activities on the project "Strengthening capacity to manage areas of exceptional natural values" are continued.

In the first group of activities in Pljevlja is organized workshop on "Development of tools for the effective management of areas of exceptional natural values," in which participants worked on identifying the characteristics of habitats, species and ecosystem zones of Ljubisnja massif and the expected goals that should be achieved during project implementation.


After the workshop, FORS Montenegro, and "Service for the construction and development,” of the municipality of Pljevlja, arranged a tour of the terrain over which to the organization OIKOS were presented significant areas of the mountain massif Ljubisnja and important habitats and features of the massive discussed during the previous working day. Tour was attended by representatives of the Secretariat for the Economy, the Secretariat for the Environment, Department for Agriculture, Ljubišnja Mountaineering Club as well as representatives of the local communities.

During all-day field visit, participants introduced habitats of fir (Abies), spruce (Picea), white and black pine and pine curve, calico, Allium Ursinum L., blueberries and raspberries and capercaillie (Tetrao urogallus L.), Roebuck and roe deer, wild boars (Sus Scrofa), bear (Ursus arctos), wolves (Canis Lupus), foxes and rabbits, partridges (Meisner), eagles to the organization OIKOS, at the locations of Popov Do, Vrba, Kokot, Trsova meadow, Jezerac, Dolovo, Babin Gaj, Provalija gornja i donja.


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