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Procurement of Agricultural Machinery for RAE Families in Niksic, Berane and Pljevlja

From June to September 2008,FORS Montenegro realised a project Procurement of agricultural machinery for Roma, Askaelia and Egyptians (RAE) families in Pljevlja, Berane and Niksic, funded by the Ministry for Human and Minority Rights Protection of the Republic of Montenegro. The aim of the project was to provide higher incomes and better work opporunities for at least 30 thirty members of Roma families in the municipalities of Berane, Niksic and Pljevlja. Within the project, 14 moto-cultivators with 13 carts, a harrow, a coulter, a mower and a milking machine were purchased and delivered to the users.

RAE community is primarily engaged in solid waste collecting (iron, different metals and plastic). Families that are involved in the collecting sell the waste, but they have one big obstacle - a lack of an adequate vehicles, which force them to collect only small quantities. By procurement of moto-cultivators with carts, they will be able to improve their working conditions, collect more solid waste and sell them to the buyers. In Niksic, the machinery will have other purpose, for it has been procured for Miss Slavka Adzovic, a rare example of Roma that deals with agriculture, but under difficult conditions. Slavka has got more than a hundred sheep and a cow, and every year she had to face serious problems of providing hay. The machinery will help her and her family a lot in their work. The aim of this project activity was also to present her example to all other RAE families, that can also support their families by agricultural work.

By procurement of the machinery, FORS Montenegro contributed in improving living conditions for RAE population. The partners and associates of FORS Montenegro in the implementation of this project were NGO Enfants-Children and Centre for Social Welfare Niksic.

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