Donors of FORS Montenegro projects

So far, FORS Montenegro has implemented or is implementing projects funded by the following donors:

  • European Union – FORS Montenegro has been supported by the European Union for the implementation of the following projects:
    • Improvement of reproductive health
    • Capacity building for management of areas of outstanding natural value
    • Together for Nature
    • Be Ready
    • IPA Funds for EU Integrations
    • CLEAN – Citizens Learning Educational Actions Needed
    • PARHS – Preventive Actions in the Reproductive Health Sector
    • Cross-border Flood Protection and Rescue
    • Let me tell you something about the EU – 1
    • Let me tell you something about the EU – 2
    • Green Economy Initiative
    • Improvement of Tourism and Traffic Signage
    • Selective Waste disposal in schools and Communities
    • Cross-border Fire Protection
    • Let’s Grow Together with IPA 2
    • Social Economy for Epmloyment in Montenegro
    • DIRECT – DIsaster REsilient Communities and Towns
    • GEAR – Green Economy for Advanced Region
  • USAID/CHF – FORS Montenegro implemented projects financed by USAID through the CHF International CRDA-E Program (Community Revitalization through Democratic Action) and Economic Growth Project. Also, FORS Montenegro implemented the project Agricultural Business Competition funded by USADI through STARS Programme.
  • Lux Development – FORS Montenegro was engaged by Lux Development (Luxembourg Agency for Development Cooperation) for implementation of part of the project Development of Forestry in Montenegro, implemented within the agreement of the Government of Montenegro and the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg.
  • Commission for the allocation of the part of the lottery income approved part of the necessary cofinancing for EU projects Let me tell you something about the EU 1 and 2, Cross-border Flood Protection and Rescue, Selective Waste Collection in Schools and Communities, Let’s Grow Together with IPA 2 and DIRECT-Disaster Resilient Communities and Towns. Apart from that, it also financed projects Mens sana in corpore sano – A Healthy Mind in a Healthy Body, Reach life, not the bottom!, Through Exercising to Health – Fitness in open spaces, Renovation of a sports fields in Nikšić 1 and Renovation of a sports fields in Nikšić 2.
  • Municipality of Nikšić co-financed projects Renovation of a sports fields in Nikšić 1, Improvement of Tourism and Traffic Signage and Together for Nature.
  • UNDP Montenegro provided part of necessary co-financing for the EU project Green Economy Initiative.
  • Ministry of Sustainable Development and Tourism of Montenegro provided part of necessary cofinancing for the EU project Green Economy Initiative and financed the project The Youngest Learn the Fastest.
  • Ministry for Human and Minority Rights of Montenegro funded project Procurement of Agricultural Mechanization for RAE families in Pljevlja, Berane and Niksic.
  • UNESCO – FORS Montenegro implemented the project entitled Institutional Strengthening of NP Durmitor and Improving the Economic Opportunity of Women in the Area of NP Durmitor financed by the Dolomites Bellunesi National Park (NPDB) of Veneto in cooperation with UNESCO office in Venice – BRESCE.
  • CARITAS Luxembourg – FORS Montenegro provided advisory and consulting services for the project entitled Community Development and Democratization of Society in Northern Montenegro.
  • SEGURA – FORS Montenegro provides business support services for the European and Eurasia Infrastructure Reform and Funds project implemented by Segura IP3.
  • SNV – FORS Montenegro as the implementer implemented the project Association of Private Forest Owners in eight municipalities of Northern Montenegro (Andrijevica, Berane, Pljevlja, Rozaje, Niksic, Savnik, Pluzine and Zabljak). Also, in cooperation with SNV the projects Mapping of illegal garbage dumps on biking trails T1, T2, T3 and T4 and Presentation of the results of mapping of illegal garbage dumps on biking trails T1, T2 and T3 were implemented.
  • USAID/ORT – FORS Montenegro participated in the project Addressing Business Barriers, by organizing round tables on this topic in the following cities – Berane, Bijelo Polje, Niksic and Pljevlja.
  • MILIEUKONTAKT – FORS Montenegro implemented the project Green Agenda financially supported by the Netherlands’ Ministry of Foreign Affairs within the program “Environment in the Western Balkan Countries”.
  • EMBASSY OF THE UNITED STATES – FORS Montenegro realized few projects supported by Embassy of the United States in Montenegro included: Handicrafts Survey, Food Branding, Children Learning Environmental Actions Needed.
  • UNFAO – The Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations supported FORS Montenegro to organize workshop in Montenegro within the project Support to capacity building for agriculture and rural development policy analysis and formulation to support EU- integration of the Southern-Eastern Europe countries and Capacity building for “green business” development of small farmers in the National Park Durmitor.