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Visit of the EU Delegation team to northern municipalities

Posjeta Bijelo Polje
Posjeta Berane
Posjeta Berane stand

Within the project "Let Me Tell You Something about the EU 2," implemented by FORS Montenegro in the northern region of Montenegro, the visits of representatives of the EU Delegation to Montenegro were organized to the municipalities Plužine, Šavnik, Berane, Bijelo Polje and Petnjica on 11-13 November. During the visits, there were several meetings on the topics of European integration and the development of rural and mountain areas, agriculture, environmental protection and tourism. Apart from these topics, special attention was paid to youth and new opportunities that are being opened for them regarding education, volunteering and employment. The team of EU Delegation in Montenegro, in all municipalities, was led by Alberto Cammarata, Head of Political, European Integration and Trade Section. Beside the Delegation team, visits in Pluzine, Savnik, Petnjica and Bijelo Polje were attended by a representative of the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development, Mr. Zoran Irić.

So far, we have organized similar visits to municipalities Plav, Andrijevica, Rožaje, Pljevlja and Zabljak, and within them a series of meetings with farmers, tourism workers, representatives of small and medium enterprises, non-governmental organizations and youth during which participants provided more information about the process of integration, obligations and benefits resulting from membership, but also received information relating to certain topics that were covered at each meeting. Representatives of the EU Delegation, state and local governments were able to directly hear views on the process of the accession from the people on the ground, and the main problems they face in their work, the expectations of the negotiation process and membership, but also to answer to their questions.

Within the project, we organized 19 thematic meetings that brought together about 620 participants. The meetings were organized in cooperation with local governments in all municipalities, and their aim was establishing contacts between citizens and target groups with those who are directly involved in the integration process of Montenegro and with whom they have the opportunity to discuss, ask questions and present the problems and possibilities of their municipalities as future parts of the community, called the European Union.

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