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Public Spaces Project

Duration: 6 months

Investor: FORS Montenegro

Summary: The project has been developed as a result of several workshops and discussions with key stakeholders on priority area to be rehabilitated, organized within the Public Spaces Project in Niksic and Bijelo Polje. Its value, with regard to CHF’s share, amounts to approximately € 8.000,00, while the total project value is approximately €15.000,00.

Milieukontakt International

Summary: The project: “Green Agenda” was implemented in Mojkovac Municipality in cooperation with the local authorities. It was financially supported by the Netherlands Ministry of Foreign Affairs within the program Environment in the Western Balkan Countries.
The project duration: February 15, 2008 to August 31, 2008.
It was implemented through the following activities: stakeholders assessment, analysis of current documents significant for the green agenda process, organization of introductory meeting in community, establishment of working groups, organization of meetings with entrepreneurs and local districts, campaigns.

Handicraft Assessment

Summary: Within the project: »Survey of the Market for Handicraft«  implemented by USAID/CHF through Foundation for the Development of Northern Montenegro in cooperation with the NGO »The Greens of Montenegro«, and financed by the Embassy of the United States in Montenegro, survey of the market for handicraft in Montenegro has been carried out.

The project was aimed at gathering data about the conditions of production and creation of handicraft in Montenegro in order to obtain a picture that can serve as a basis for further efforts in this field exerted in popularization and improving the economic status of people dealing with handicraft.




CARITAS Luxembourg - Community Development

Summary: Caritas Luxembourg launched this initiative in late 2006. It is aimed at community development and democratization of society in Northern Montenegro. The program is concentrated into 4 program pillars:

1)    Infrastructural Projects,
2)    Socio-Economic Development,
3)    Small-Scale Projects,
4)    Environmental Protection.

Caritas invested around €85.000 in each community during the project (one project from specific field annualy), of which €50.000 were invested in infrastructural projects, (community share 25%), €25.000 in socio-economic projects (community share 30%), and € 5.000 in each of the remaining two program pillars (community share 40%).

Implementation of this program started in Berane Municipality, where 3 local districts have been selected: MZ Pesca, MZ Park, MZ Trpezi/Vrbica. Then it continued in Andrijevica, Plav, and Rozaje municipalities, where one local district of each municipality has been selected: MZ Tresnjevo in Municipality Andrijevica, MZ Bac in Rozaje, and MZ Gusinje in Plav. Another three local districts in Bijelo Polje Municipality were selected, too.
FORS Montenegro offer advisory and consultancy services to Caritas. Once the Development Council of MZ were selected, FORS Montenegro lead the Council members through different workshops aimed at training them to develop projects by themselves when Caritas, complete  its mission in this area. Following workshops, members of the Council will apply with their project proposls to Caritas – to obtain aproval.

Construction of a Eco-Cabin for the Center for Sustainable Tourism/NGO Natura

Duration: 5 months

Investor: USAID/CHF

Summary: USAID/CHF financed procurement of an wooden house in 7 000.00 euros range. NGO Natura procured needed electro and water instalations, and procurement of 2 computers, 2 printers, scanner, copy machine, and office furniture in 3100.00 euros range; Ozon Radio donated 6 radio programs, 30 minutes each about NGO activities. and radio jingles and comercial 3 times per day in 6 months duration. The Municipality of Kolasin donated 50m2 of land where the house is built, Public Utility Company Kolasin donated raw material and workers in 1,250.00 euros worth, and ORT donated equipment and office supplies in 9,345.00 euros worth.  This project goal was to provide full-time jobs, improve and raise economic growth through promotion on a web site. 

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