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Catalogue of Tourist Accomodation in Kolašin

Duration: 5 months

Investor: USAID/CHF

Summary: In order to attract tourists, Tourist Organization of Kolasin needs to publish a catalogue of tourist accomodation in the area. It is necessary to promote this area as an attractive tourist destination - to show their huge natural potential - diversity of flora and fauna, numerous rivers, lakes and mountains surrounding it, its closness to the sea etc. The problem in realizing such promotion was lack of financial resources. In order to solve the problem USAID/CHF financed collection of materials for the catalogue and printing of it.

Reconstruction of Town Green Market in Kolašin

Duration: 6 months

Investor: USAID/CHF

Summary: In order to promote and improve services for agriculture production and to enrich the tourist offer in town, it was neccessary to ensure adequate sale of those products, in a place that would meet hygienic and sanitary standards. With that in mind it was necessary to do certain works such as reconstruction of the retaining wall; replacing the roof on the roofed part of the market; making the space for milk products sale and the arrangement of that space; reconstruction of the existing toilets; repair of the façade from the outer and inner side; purchase and setting up the PVC locksmith in a new space and in an existing one; purchase and setting up of noses; making the waste pipes for waste waters. By doing all this the following impact was made: new job positions were opened, more income generated, quality of products sold were improved, new customers attracted, agricultural production increased and activities regarding agricultural association in the region and their cooperation.

Construction of Greenhouse

Duration: 1 year

Investor: USAID/CHF, The Association of Plant Producers in a protected are of Monetenegro - UPBUZPCG

Summary: Two Greenhouses are procured in order to raise the interest of people for this kind of production to grow due to the organized collection that the Association will guarantee to its members through the contracts with the hotels and health institutions in the republic to distribute the producers’ food. The aim of the project is to fully utilize the advantages of the preserved environment of Bijelopavlici and  the Municipality of Danilovgrad. The project also have an impact on productivity rate; the production in protected areas i.e. in greenhouses is much higher than in the open space.

Green Market in Kolasin

Project cancelled by CHF and has never started.

Reconstruction of the restaurant DUGA for Practical Training of “September 17” Secondary School for Tourism and Catering Students in Žabljak

Duration: 150 days

Contractor: Hidrogra?evinar DOO, Niksic

Investor: USAID/CHF

Summary: The main problem of Secondary School for Tourism and Catering in Zabljak was the organization and performance of practical trainings for its students.  This kind of classes (practical trainings), as well as summer internship used to be organized in hotels and private catering facilities under poor conditions, which has given poor results.
Having in mind that without effective practical training carried out in accordance with the planned curriculum it was impossible to obtain qualified human resources needed for tourism development, the problem has started to be addressed.
By implementation of this project i.e. reconstruction of the restaurant “Duga” conditions were created for carrying out practical training in accordance with the secondary school  curricula for waiters and chefs. Upon graduating from secondary school the students will acquire qualifications and skills necessary to become competitive in the labor market, whereby the problem with the lack of qualified catering technicians in this area was solved. Furthermore, the project offered possibility for education of all age groups, as well as additional education and prequalification of unemployed persons to actively participate in  improving quality of life in the community.
Graduate catering technicians will offer services to local community in this restaurant, and will have an opportunity to complete a course on preparation of national meals from this region, as well as to obtain additional qualifications or undergo prequalification.
This restaurant provided fresh meals during working hours to local companies and primary school staff. In addition to that, local caterers and hotel keepers will be able to hire qualified and practically trained staff from their community, and it will not be necessary to look for the workforce in the neighboring cities.
In addition, through organization of business lunches and seminars, support will be offered to local businesses and  country tourism development.  
Being a representative one, this facility made an impact on development of tourism and catering, and partly on agriculture. In a practical sense, it contributed to development of strategic branches of economy of Zabljak Municipality (tourism, catering and agriculture).
Opening of the restaurant “Duga“ resulted in creation of 4 new jobs.

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