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Reconstruction of Green Market in Niksic

Duration: 2 months

Investor: CHF/USAID, Municipality of Niksic, Public Utility Company

Summary: Reconstruction of 2,637 m2 of market space in Niksic has made a great improvement in overall conditions. Dairy market reconstruction has improved conditions in selling and storing of dairy products and consequentely improved sale conditions. Improvement of overall conditions meets economic and ecological criteria, and the surrounding created was the part of goals drafted in the Strategic Plan of the Municipality of Niksic regarding arranging public spaces, revitalization of agriculture and protecting interests of agricultural producers and associations in Niksic. Fifteen new jobs were created, more income generated, the quality of products sold are also greatly improved thanks to this rehabilitation.

Reconstruction of Tourist Organisation Facilities in Niksic

Duration: 4 months

Investor: Municipality of Niksic, USAID/CHF

Summary: Reconstruction of the roof, floors, outside walls, inside doors, sewage system, electric instalation and painting of the building included the works done on the reconstruction of the building of LTO Niksic. The building itself has 252.10 m2 divided into 10 rooms. Three out of 10 are used by LTO, some by Ministry of Sport and Recreation and some by Service for protection of the environment. Three new jobs were created. Income is also generated from taxes paid and from brochures and catalogue sales. There is also a new services offered in the region which spread and improved tourist offer, promoted tourism potentials and raised the region to an adequate level.

Construction of the Dairy Market in Pljevlja

Duration: 1 year

Contractor: GRD "Metal" DOO, Podgorica

Investor: USAID/CHF

Summary: A part of the city market for selling milk and dairy products has caused great problems for local community over many years. This part of the market used to sell milk, cheese, kajmak, fish, honey, honey products, berries (raspberry, blackberry, strawberry, black currant, etc.). The above mentioned products being particularly environmentaly sensitive (affected by high and low temperatures, air humidity, presence of pathogenic microorganisms, etc.) had been sold in an open space, along the river Breznica that was simultaneously collector of fecal sewage. Public lavatories, cafes, and stalls selling chemical agents, cosmetics, etc. were located in the immediate vicinity of this part of market. Therefore, the most sensitive food was being sold under very inappropriate hygienic and sanitary conditions, causing great health and safety risks.

The project increased sell at the local market and directly made an impact to the key development sector of the municipality - agriculture.

The project was supported by the Municipality of Pljevlja and Ministry of Agricuture and  Water Management. Total projec value was € 192,000.00, out of which USAID contributed through CHF International Montenegro with € 50,000.00, the Municipality of Pljevlja provided € 101,000.00, the Ministry of Agricuture and  Water Management € 40,000.00 and Local Economic Development council € 1,000.00.

Purchase of Beekeeping Equipment for the NGO Production of Healthy Food from Nikšic

Investor: USAID/CHF

Summary: The NGO Production of Healthy Food from Niksic has 73 members belonging to several sections. It deals with organic agricultural production. The beekeeping section has 7 exemplary beekeepers that applied for the grant from USAID/CHF to purchase following beekeeping equipment: beehives, beehive frames, and honey exctractor, and therewith increase honey production. This project improved beekeepers working conditions, and thus improved the quality of honey. Aside from the increased workload for these beekeepers, the Association will secure working assets for the futher development of beekeeping. The equipment was delivered and distributed on March 1, 2006. USAID invested approximately € 3,500.00 in this project through CHF.

Reconstruction of the Power-Transmission Line Network in the Local District (MZ) Kruševo in Pljevlja

Duration: 1 year

Contractor: Cvijovic DOO

Investor: USAID/CHF

Summary: Inhabitants of the typically rural local district (MZ) Krusevo are dealing with cattle breeding, beekeeping, gathering forest fruits and medicinal herbs, and partly with agriculture, fruit growing, and wood processing.
In cooperation with CHF/FORS Montenegro the problem of supplying electricity to this village has been solved.
The poor supply of electricity in this area has made a negative impact on  agricultural production and wood processing. Thus, agricultural producers and sawmill owners were not able to improve production and business activities and considered closing their farms, workshops, and selling cattle, what would have resulted in  impoverishment and prevention of economic development in this community, as well as to rural to urban migration.
Improving the supply of electricity,  the local community created conditions to improve agricultural production and existing businesses, set up new business units, develop entrepreneurship, and thus enable local economic development.
This project indirectly promoted the export of goods and services.
Through the project, conditions were created for increasing the number of current jobs by 40% and creating new ones (by establishing cow farm,  chicken farm, carpentry, car-body mechanic service center, etc.), that will result in increased production and income generation.
Providing regular supply of electricity  made impact on development of agriculture,  wood processing activities, agricultural production services, as well as rural tourism.

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