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Green Market in Mojkovac

Duration: 18 months

Contractor: MT Inženjering, Mojkovac

Investor: FORS Montenegro

Summary: The project is developed on proposal of the Local Economic Development Council in Mojkovac. The total value of the project is €91,415.00  of which CHF invested €49,473.00, and Mojkovac Municipality € 41,762.00. The project included rehabilitation of old market facility and construction of new one and equipping it with needed eqipment.

Eko-Oasis "Tear of Europe"

Duration: 12 months

Contractor: Jela Komerc, Rožaje

Investor: LEDC Mojkovac

Summary: This project has been proposed by the NGO “ Montenegro Fishing Paradise“, and is aimed to tourism development in  Mojkovac Municipality. The total value of the project is € 43,253.00, of which CHF invested € 20.347,00, and the NGO € 22.906,00.

Procurement of Vehicle for Andrijevica Raspberry Growers Association

Contractor: Alliance DOO, Podgorica

Investor: Ministry of Agriculture Forestry and Water Management, USAID/CHF

Summary: Andrijevica Raspberry Growers Association has been established to contribute the improvement of fruit production in the area of Andrijevica Municiality. Procurement of the vehicle to be used for transporting fruit to byers and the fruit processing plant, and distributing plant material contributed to development of fruit- growing and agriculture in the region of Andrijevica Municipality. Moreover, the project will enable creation of new jobs.

Construction of the Market in Murino

Contractor: HRF, Bijelo Polje

Investor: Municipality of Plav, Ministry of Agriculture Forestry and Water Management, USAID/CHF

Summary: The area of the local districts MZ Murino and MZ Velika, composed of 5 settlements, lacked an arranged space and facility for selling agricultural products and consumer goods. By construction of the market on 152 m² area relevant conditions  for turnover of goods have been created. The facility meets the required sanitary conditions, is connected to electrical network, and has stalls selling variety of goods. The project has been implemented in cooperation with Plav Municipality that provided land for the market construction, technical documentation, required permissions, and financial contribution, and  the Ministry of Agriculture Forestry and Water Management that provided financial contribution.

Implementation of this project had a significant impact on agriculture development being the strategic economic development  branch of Northern Montenegro, and thus of Plav Municipality as well. The main goal of the project is to solve long term problems with selling agricultural products whereby securing hygienic, sanitary, and health conditions required to meet high safety standards. One of the aims of this project was to create new full-time jobs, generate new income, and increase income of the Public Utilities Company from collecting market fees.

Reconstruction and Equipping the Development Center of Bijelo Polje

Duration: 90 days

Contractor: Cvijovic DOO

Investor: FORS Montenegro

Summary: The Municipality of Bijelo Polje with the total number of 50,000 inhabitants, 1,850 registered companies, of which 1000 are entrepreneurial companies, and the rest are micro, small, and medium enterprises (MSME). However, Bijelo Polje did not have an institution that entrepreneurs, and MSME can address for organization of networking activities, obtaining advertizing and informative material, translation services, business plan creation and technical documentation, workshop and training services. Therefore, implementation of the strategic action plan has been disabled. This problem has been solved by reconstruction and equipping the Development Center that will provide conditions for creation of 9 new jobs (3 employees for the Local Tourist Organization, and 6 employees for the Agency for Construction and Development of Bijelo Polje), and better working conditions for three employees of the Regional Business Center; organization of presentations, trainings and lectures; iniciation, planning, and carrying out activities for strenghtening local economy within the sector of tourism, hospitality, agriculture and development of MSME. Thus, conditions are provided for local economic development and connection of all activities from the action plan within the sector of agriculture, tourism, and MSME. The Development Center coordinates activities on local economic development, through services and activities provided by the local tourism organization, Regional Business Center, and the Agency for Construction and Development of Bijelo Polje.

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