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Construction of Market in Rasovo

Contractor: Roads Užice DOO, Bijelo Polje

Investor: Municipality of Bijelo Polje, Public Utilities Company, USAID/CHF

Summary: CHF invested paving of terraces for future green market. However, due to legal and property issues market construction has not been completed.


Reconstruction of the Local District (MZ) Gotovuša Water Supply System

Duration: 60 days

Contractor: DOO Perosevic, Bijelo Polje

Investor: USAID/CHF

Summary: The problem of the inadequate water supply in the village Dabovina was an obstacle for inhabitants of this village dealing specifically with agricultural production – cattle breading, agriculture, beekeping. Therefore, inhabitans were not able to gain income from agricultural production. This project has created conditions for local community to improve agricultural production being the main source of income of the population in this district, as well as to develop hunting tourism. In addition to that, conditions were created for growing apples and pears. Also, this region is ideal for raspberry growing. This project leads to an increase of the cattle fund by 60%, that will significantly extend the period of engagement in agricultural production. Moreover,  by increasing the number of beehive yards,  bee products yield will be increased by 60%. The extension of cultivable land by 60% will increase yield in vegetable crops, as well as increase production of dairy and meat products also  by  60%. Considering that inhabitants of Dabovina village deal with  production and placement of agricultural products based on natural resources and under ecological conditions, by implementation of this project, these products wil be placed on city market, and also on the wider market whereby competitive advantages of this region will be developed and promoted.  Increase in the volume of production and sale of agricultural products, i.e. increased income   generation will result in strenghtening economic development in this region.

Civil Bureau in Berane

Duration: 6 months

Contractor: DOO Perosevic, Bijelo Polje

Investor: FORS Montenegro

Summary: The project was implemented in 2007. Within the project following activities have been done: reconstruction of the customer's room, training of employees, instalation of new PC software for Civil Bureau and the other municipal services, and additional training of employees. The total project value is €28,034.50.

"By Additional Education to Necessary Knowledge" for the NGO "School that Gives More"

Summary: The NGO "School that Gives More" from Bijelo Polje in cooperation with CHF Montenegro/FORS Montenegro has implemented a project “By Additional Education to Necessary Knowledge’’ in Bijelo Polje. The project encompased education of young people – third and fourth grade of secondary school students, unemloyed, and the small number of employed in the fields not being a part of the official educational system of secondary school curricula. The education encompassed 4 following fields: Business English Course, Course in Business Computer Use, Tourist Guide Course, and Journalism Course. These courses were aimed at facilitating young people to find jobs more easily based on acquired qualifications, to respond to the requirements of employers, and to generate income. The first cycle of project implementation encompassed 58 candidates, and the second cycle 35.
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Fruit Processing Plant

Contractor: Tehnoinženjering DOO, Podgorica

Investor: USAID/CHF, Ministry of Agriculture Forestry and Water Management

Summary: The total value of the project: €21,759.57
USAID/CHF’s share: €16,759.57 €
Ministry of Agriculture Forestry and Water Management: €5,000.00
Berane Municipality is an agricultural region where a great number of households earn for their living by dealing with agriculture, or it is their additional source of funding.
By activities of the Association of Fruit growers Berane, Directorate for Agriculture in Municipal Assembly Berane, and the Ministry of Agriculture Forestry and Water Management fruit growing has been revitalized through fruit plant procurement. Considering the fact that poor quality fruit is processed, and that Berane Municipality did not have any capacities for processing fruit, the Association of Fruit Growers Berane proposed procurement of equipment for the fruit processing plant. The Association and Berane Municipality provided adequate storage for equipment. Employees in this plant will offer fruit processing services (apple, pear, cherry, wild cherry, raspberry, blackberry, blueberry) to interested producers. Bearing in mind the rapid development of production in protected areas in Berane and the surrounding municipalities, employees will produce vegetable juice (beet, tomato, carrot, etc).

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