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Workshops on protection from fires

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In order to inform people on the risks of fires and their consequences, as well as on preventive measures, FORS Montenegro, Directorate for Emergency Management of the Ministry of Interior of Montenegro and local protection and rescue services organised workshops in the municipalities of Nikšić, Pljevlja, Žabljak, Plužine and Šavnik. The participants were familiarised with the equipment of the protection and rescue services as well as with the need to pay special attention on activities which they should undertake in order to contribute to protection from fires, such as avoiding lighting fires in forests, avoidance of throwing lit cigarettes, maintenance of their gardens including mowing grass and cutting tree branches, removing flammable things from their basements, etc. They were also familiarised with the activities they should do in case of fires, such as calling right numbers – 123 or 112 (European Emergency Number) and providing rescuers with relevant information, as well as with the activities they can do till rescuers come and which do not endanger their lives.

They also were in a position to learn how to handle firefighting devices in case of small fires and were given brochures and promotional materials. Special attention was paid to raise awareness of primary school children who were very interested in the topic and the equipment used by rescuers.
The workshops were organised within the project ″Cross-border Fire Protection″, funded by the European Union within Cross-border Cooperation Programme Bosnia and Herzegovina – Montenegro.

The project is being implemented in the following municipalities in Montenegro: Nikšić, Plužine, Šavnik, Žabljak and Pljevlja, by FORS Montenegro and Directorate for Emergency Management of the Ministry of Interior of Montenegro in cooperation with the protection and rescue services from target municipalities. In BiH, is being implemented in Mostar, Jablanica, Konjic, Ravno, Stolac, Čajniče, Gacko, Bileća, Foča and Trebinje by the Minsitry of Security of BiH and Institute for Protection of Fires and Explosions from Sarajevo.

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