Study Visit to Social Enterprises in Croatia

FORS Montenegro organised a study visit to social enterprises in Croatia for unemployed youth, women and long-term unemployed from the northern region of Montenegro. The visit was organised from 24 to 27 May in the Osijek-Baranja County, in cooperation with the Association Slap from Osijek, with a long-term experience in the development of social entrepreneurship and social enterprises.
During the visit, 28 unemployed youth, women and long-term unemployed had the opportunity to learn about functioning of various social enterprises dealing with different areas and types of activities, such as food production, ecology, sustainable development, provision of social services, etc. The participants visited the following social enterprises and associations:

  • Gloria Maris – a permanent exhibition of seashells and marine and freshwater world, the biggest in Croatia and Central Europe with more than a million exhibits
  • Social Cooperative “Ruke“ (Hands) – an example of connecting small producers, marketing of local products and creation of an own brand of food products
  • Cultural-scientific Centre “Milutin Milanković“, Dalj
  • Entrepreneurship Development Centre/Local Development Agency of the Municipality of Erdut
  • Students’ cooperative “Dalya“ – an example of successful school entrepreneurship
  • Eco Centre “Zlatna Greda“ – the first Croatian eco-tourist agency
  • Cluster „Slavonka“
  • Citadela – Centre for employment of persons with disabilities.

The project SEEM – Social Economy for Employment in Montenegro is implemented by FORS Montenegro and funded within the Grant scheme “Youth, women and long-term unemployed at the labour market”, which is part of an EU project “Active labour market measures for employability“, implemented by the Ministry of Labour and Social Welfare. The aim of the project is to contribute to employment of youth, women and long-term unemployed through their capacity building and promotion of social entrepreneurship as a means of self-employment which at the same time contributes to solving certain social problems.