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Unapređenje tursitičke i saobraćajne signalizacije

Press conference

Pres konfrencija SignIn order to mark completion of the project "Improvement of Tourism and Traffic Signage" and present its most important results, a press conference was organised in Niksic. The following representatives of institutions and organisations spoke at the conference: Dragan Perovic, Vice Mayor of Niksic, Jadranka Milic from the Delegation of the EU to Montenegro, Irena Boskovic on behalf of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and European Integration of Montenegro, Zoran Milosevic on behalf of the City of Trebinje, Vule Macanović from the Municipality of Pljevlja and Veselin Sturanovic, the Executive Director of FORS Montenegro. The project was implemented by FORS Montenegro in collaboration with the City of Trebinje, Municipality of Niksic and Municipality of Pljevlja as well as with the tourism organisations from these municipalities, with the aim to improve tourism and traffic signage and promote tourist offer of these municipalities. Main project activities included placing of signage, development of web sites for tourism organisations Niksic and Pljevlja, creation and broadcasting of promotional TV and radio spots, promotional brochures, billboards with messages to behave responsibly in traffic and tourist billboards and promotional materials.


Promotional brochures

Tourist brochureNKIn order to contribute to tourist promotion of Niksic and Pljevlja, FORS Montenegro in cooperation with the local tourist organisations from these two municipalities prepared promotional brochures which contain information on natural, cultural-historical and other sights.
The brochure has been developed within the project “Improvement of tourist and traffic signage” implemented by FORS Montenegro and the City of Trebinje and funded by the European Union through Cross-border Cooperation Programme BiH-Montenegro”.


The brochure about Niksic can be downloaded here.

The brochure about Pljevlja can be downloaded here.


Traffic safety of kids near the school improved

Radar 2In order to improve traffic safety of kids on their way to school, as well as the safety of all other traffic participants, two radar speed signs have been placed near the Primary School "Braća Ribar" in Nikšić. The purpose of these signs is to preventively influence drivers to reduce their traffic speed by making them aware of it and in case of exceeding speed limit, warn them to reduce the speed by the message "SLOW DOWN! SCHOOL!"
The location of the radar speed signs has been recognised by the Secretariat for Utility and Traffic of the Municipality of Nikšić as one of the most-at-risk when it comes to traffic safety of kids near schools.


Visit, Explore, Experience...

BrochureIn order to promote tourist attractions of Niksic and Pljevlja, FORS Montenegro, in collaboration with local tourism organisations from these two municipalities, prepared a promotional brochure containing a presentation of natural, cultural, historical and other sights.
The brochure has been developed within the project Improvement of Tourist and Traffic signage", implemented by FORS Montenegro and the City of Trebinje, and funded by the European Union through Cross-border Cooperation Programme BiH-Montenegro. One of the project objectives is to promote cross-border area as one tourist offer and this brochure is part of that concept and attempt to present Niksic, Pljevlja and Trebinje as towns with unique attractions on the tourist map of the region to readers – prospective tourists and visitors.
The brochure can be downloaded here.

Placing of Tourism and Traffic Signage in the municipalities of Nikšić and Pljevlja

BedemWithin the project ‟Improvement of Tourism and Traffic Signage‟, FORS Montenegro is currently implementing the activity of placing tourism and traffic signs in the municipalities of Nikšić and Pljevlja. By the end of Agust 2015, in these target municipalities 312 traffic and 98 tourist signs as well as 244 boards with street names will be placed.
Special attention in the project willč be paid to improvement of the safety in traffic of the youngest citizens of Nikšić through placing 2 radar speed signs with the aim of calming trafic in the area of Primary School ‟Braća Ribar” and organization of educational lectures on traffic safety for students in primary schools.


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