Improvement of Tourism and Traffic Signage

The project Improvement of Tourism and Traffic Signage was implemented by FORS Montenegro in collaboration with the City of Trebinje, Municipality of Niksic and Municipality of Pljevlja as well as with the tourism organisations from these municipalities, with the aim to improve tourism and traffic signage and promote tourist offer of these municipalities.

Main project activities included placing of signage, development of web sites for tourism organisations Niksic and Pljevlja, creation and broadcasting of promotional TV and radio spots, promotional brochures, billboards with messages to behave responsibly in traffic and tourist billboards and promotional materials.

Within the project, 914 traffic signs, 98 tourist signs, 244 street signs and 2 radar speed signs were placed in Niksic and Pljevlja. For the first time, decorative poles with signposts were placed on three locations in Niksic as well as radar speed signs, which were placed near “Braca Ribar” Primary School. Also, welcome boards were renovated on all four entrances to the town.

The project Improvement of Tourism and Traffic Signage was funded by the European Union within Cross-border Cooperation Programme BiH-Montenegro, and it was implemented from 1 February 2014 to 30 September 2015.

Within the project the following publications on tourist and cultural-historical sights in the target municipalities:

Brochure on Nikšić, Pljevlja and Trebinje

Brochure on Nikšić

Brochure on Pljevlja