Results of the survey on knowledge and habits in the area of reproductive health

During May and June 2019, FORS Montenegro organised a survey on reproductive health in order to get the information on knowledge of women on this topic their awareness on the importance of preventive actions and habits women have in that area. The survey was organised within the project CARES – Cross-border Actions in the Reproductive Health Sector and it was  implemented in nine municipalities in Montenegro which are included in the target area of the project – Bijelo Polje, Berane, Plav, Rožaje, Mojkovac, Kolašin, Andrijevica, Gusinje and Petnjica. The survey sample included 1.104 participants and all target groups of the project – employed women, unemployed women, women belonging to minorities, women from urban and rural areas, older and younger women, etc. The sample equally covered employed and unemployed women with the largest number of respondents who are married and of the middle education level. The respondents showed that they are quite informed on reproductive health but they are not so willing to undergo preventive examinations and they visit their gynaecologists rarely. They usually got the information in health centres or on the internet. More information about the survey results you can see here.