Possibilities for development of social entrepreneurship

On 10 February FORS Montenegro organised a round table on ‟Possibilities for Development of Social Entrepreneurship in Montenegro“. The speakers at the event were Sonja Nikčević, President of the Assembly of Nikšić Municipality, Veselin Šturanović, Executive Director of FORS Montenegro, Ivan Mitrović, Director of the Centre for Social Work Nikšić, Aleksandra Radulović, representative of the Employment Agency of Montenegro – Regional Office Nikšić and Tamara Todorović, Project Implementation Manager in FORS Montenegro. The round table was also attended by representatives of the Ministry of Labour and Social Welfare, local authorities, civil society organisations as well as unemployed persons registered at the Employment Office of Montenegro, who participated in the discussion on the development of social entrepreneurship in Montenegro. The aim of the event was to familiarise participants with the importance of social entrepreneurship for creation of new jobs, solving social problems, the overall socio-economic development of a country and the current situation when it comes to the development of this concept in Montenegro.
The round table was organised within the project SEEM – Social Economy for Employment in Montenegro it is funded within the Grant scheme “Youth, women and long-term unemployed at the labour market”, which is part of an EU project “Active labour market measures for employability“, implemented by the Ministry of Labour and Social Welfare.