New equipment for rescue from a height and depth has been presented in the Protection and Rescue Service of Nikšić Municipality today. The equipment had been procured by FORS Montenegro within a project “Resilient Communities”, funded by the Ministry of Interior through the Call for proposals of the Fund for Protection and Rescue for 2018.

The equipment procured for the rescuers from Nikšić includes a two-part stretcher, a spine board with a head immobilizer and 3 sets of rescue equipment including helmets, a static rope, bags, belts, ascenders, descenders, different carabineers, etc.

During the presentation, the media and participants were addressed by the General Director for Emergency Management in the Ministry of Interior Mirsad Mulić, Secretary for Investments and Projects in the Municipality of Nikšić Živko Kecojević, Chief of the Protection and Rescue Service Nikšić Veselin Gardašević, and the Executive Director of FORS Montenegro Veselin Šturanovć.


















The project “Resilient Communities” implemented in partnership with the Protection and Rescue Service Nikšić has the aim to improve the level of preparedness in the town of Nikšić for a response to natural and other hazards through capacity building and raising the level of awareness of the local population.

The main project activities include procurement of equipment, workshops in primary and secondary schools on disaster risk reduction, organised visit of students to the Protection and Rescue Service Nikšić and Mountain and Skiing Club “Javorak”, organisation of an evacuation exercise in one primary school, distribution of promotional items and a media campaign – TV and radio shows, newspaper articles and internet texts.

The total value of the project is € 10,000 and the whole amount was used for the procurement of the equipment.

This project is only one in a row that FORS Montenegro implements in collaboration with institutions and services dealing with protection and rescue, all in order to improve their capacities and readiness for reactions in case of natural and other hazards.