Evacuation and rescue exercise successfully organised in the Primary School “Olga Golović”

A demonstration exercise of evacuating and rescuing students, teachers and other school staff in case of an emergency situation in school was successfully organised in the Primary School “Olga Golović”. The exercise was organised by rescuers from the Protection and Rescue Service Nikšić, in collaboration with the school teachers and management.

The exercise had the aim to enable practicing of students, teachers and other staff for proper reactions in case of natural and other hazards, so that the evacuation can be done in an organised way and within the shortest possible time in case of a real need, which will contribute to preventing and mitigating the consequences.

The evacuation procedure lasted for 2.15 minutes while the representative of the Protection and Rescue Service came to the spot 1.30 minutes after the call. The exercise gathered around 180 students and teachers and it showed that the students have the capability to evacuate themselves successfully and safely and in line with the procedures.

Before the exercise, several preparatory meetings were organised with the school staff, during which the rescuers presented the scenario of the exercise as well as the roles and obligations of all participants in the evacuation. Also, workshops on disaster risk reduction were organised for the students of the 5th, 6th and 7th grade in the previous period. During the workshop the students got familiarised with the types of hazards and ways of adequate behaviour before, during and after such occurrences.

The evacuation and rescue exercise was organised within the project Resilient Communities which has the aim to improve the level of preparedness in the municipality of Nikšić for the response to natural and other hazards through capacity building and raising awareness of the population. With the aim of informing primary school students of the work and importance of rescuing services the organisation of their visits to the Protection Service and Ski Mountaineering Association “Javorak” is in progress, during which they have the opportunity to gat familiarised with the activities of the rescuers, equipment and vehicles which are used in rescuing actions.

In addition to the above mentioned activities, the equipment for rescuing from heights and depths worth € 10,000 was procured for the rescuers from Nikšić.

The project Resilient Communities is financed by the Ministry of Interior through the Fund for protection and rescue for 2018 and it is implemented by FORS Montenegro in cooperation with the Protection and Rescue Service of Nikšić Municipality.