Training for Civil Society Organisations from the Region on Green Economy

A two-day training on Green Economy for civil society organisations from Montenegro, B&H and Serbia on Green Economy took place in Kolašin, on 15-16 October. The training gathered 33 representatives of CSOs who had the opportunity to improve their knowledge and skills on topics related to Green Economy such as green entrepreneurship, principles of green economy, the development and examples of this concept in the European Union, new movements in this area, etc. The training was conducted by Sonja Vuković and Dragana Lisjak, representatives of the Association Slap from Croatia.

The training is a part of the project “GEAR – Green Economy for Advanced Region” whose aim is to increase the impact of civil society organisations from Montenegro, Serbia, B&H, the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia and Albania in environmental protection by promoting networking, strengthening their capacities and by promoting green economy through CSO local projects. The project is financed by the European Union within the Civil Society Facility and Media Programme 2016-2017 and it is implemented by FORS Montenegro in partnership with the organisations SMART Kolektiv from Serbia, Centre for Development and Support from B&H, EKO Svest from FYR Macedonia, EDEN Center from Albania and Association Slap from Croatia.

In addition to this training, in the first phase of project implementation, trainings on the following topics will be organised in collaboration with the partners in the project: Public Advocacy and Lobbying, Participation in Decision Making, Project Cycle Management, Monitoring of Public Policies, Analyses and Research and Improvement of Collaboration with Authorities. In addition to the trainings, the project includes a series of activities aimed to further improve CSOs’ capacities and impact in environmental protection, and  to promote green economy, such as: a sub granting programme for local CSOs; a study visit to Croatia to familiarise with good practices in green economy and green entrepreneurship;  presentations of good practices in the target countries; campaign of promotion of green economy; development of a study on the possibilities for development of Green Economy in the region; publications on these topics, etc.

A very important expected result of the project is networking of civil society organisations from the region dealing with topics related to environmental protection, which will lead to improvement of their collaboration, exchange of knowledge, experience and lessons learned in this area, and will provide a basis for their future cooperation and development of joint projects and initiatives.