Conference on Disaster Risk Reduction and Importance of cross-border and Regional Cooperation

A Conference on Disaster Risk Reduction and Importance of cross-border and Regional Cooperation was organised in Podgorica on 14 and 15 November with the aim to enable exchange of experience, opinions, good practice models and lessons learned in the area of disaster risk reduction as well as to contribute to informing the population and specific target groups about DRR and the importance of international cooperation. The Conference was organised within a FORS Montenegro project “Disasters do not know borders“ which is funded by the European Union within the Cross-border Cooperation Programme Montenegro – Albania, and co-funded in Montenegro by the Ministry of Public Administration.

The Conference gathered representatives of institutions and services dealing with protection and rescue, civil society organisations, state and local authorities, media, project partners, etc. At the opening of the Conference, the participants were addressed by Mevludin Nuhodžić, the Minister of Interior of Montenegro, Marija Vukčević, Director-General of the Directorate for Finance and Contracting of the EU Assistance Funds of the Ministry of Finance of Montenegro, Ivana Glišević Djurović, National IPA Coordinator, Office for European Integration of Montenegro, Donata Von-Sigsfeld, Programme Manager for Territorial Cooperation in the EU Delegation to Montenegro, Çesk Millja, the Prefect of Shkodra, and Veselin Šturanović, the Executive Director of FORS Montenegro.

During the Conference, the participants emphasised the importance of cross-border, regional and international cooperation in disaster risk reduction, continuous improvement of human and technical capacities, implementation of the measures of the Sendai Framework for Disaster Risk Reduction, preventive activities, education of the population on risks, passing adequate strategic documents and plans and their full implementation, active involvement of all relevant institutions, organisations and the citizens themselves, etc. The Conclusion of the Conference can be viewed here.






The project “Disasters do not know borders”, implemented in Montenegro and Albania in partnership with the Directorate for Emergency Management and the Prefecture of Shkodra has the aim to strengthen capacities of institutions and services from Montenegro and Albania dealing with protection and rescue for disaster risk reduction, as well as raising awareness of the local population on the risks of floods.